• Organize your jewellery in a separate jewellery box to keep it dust-free.
  • All forms of jewellery should be kept away from harsh chemicals, chlorine, hairsprays, perfumes, and make-up.
  • Jewellery should be worn just after applied make-up and perfume, as residues can detract from the sheen and sparkle.
  • Use appropriate suited boxes to transport and store your jewellery (sets, bangles). Breakage and damage will occur if the item is handled incorrectly.
  • Diamonds, precious stones, and expensive metals like gold require special handling and attention.
  • If the hooks holding the gems have worn out, the jewellers may loosen and fall out of studded jewellery.


  • When wearing bangles, rings, and other jewellery, be careful not to brush it too hard against other hard surfaces since this can harm the gold and cause it to dent in spots.
  • To clean gold jewellery, use a delicate chamois cloth, which will help to keep the sheen.
  • Gold is a soft and pliable metal that can easily scratch if it rubs against other jewellery.


  • Moisture develops a layer on diamond rings, dampening the diamond's surface and making it less appealing.
  • To remove the oil and daily filth from the base of the rings, etc., clean your diamond jewellery in mild soapy warm water at home and use a very soft baby brush.
  • Diamond jewellery should be cleaned regularly to maintain it bright and refractive, according to BSJS. If the materials are not removed, they can build up into a thick coating of crud on the backside of your diamond, obstructing light and making it look drab and lifeless.


  • Polki is a unique piece of jewellery that must be handled with caution. After applying make-up and scent, it is crucial to put on the jewellery.
  • Polki jewellery must be maintained dust-free and properly stored in a tightly closed box. Wrapping the jewellery in white butter paper or a soft muslin cloth will also keep it from oxidizing and turning black.


  • Keep your jewellery dry because getting it wet is never a good idea. Cracks, a loss of sheen, and water stains are all possible outcomes.
  • Chemicals should be kept away from it. Although it may seem self-evident, hazardous chemicals can be found in lotions, fragrances, and hairspray.
  • Put on your jewellery last and remove it first to avoid chemicals.
  • Wearing the same accessory every day is not a good idea. It will deteriorate faster if you use it frequently. Do not forget about your other pieces of jewellery!
  • Most individuals understand that they should remove their jewellery before going to bed, but they forget to do so when swimming, gardening, cleaning, or participating in sports.