Our path to this business began in 1933, when our founder, late Mr. Bishan Singh Chadha, opened the first store in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Our first store in India was in Chandni Chowk, Delhi, and was launched by Bishan Singh Jasbir Singh jewellers for 14 years. Our store in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, was next.

With the creation of this network of up-market and strategically located stores, the founder's goal of developing a trusted, appreciated, and renowned reputation in the jewellery retail industry of New Delhi was realized.

The organization has risen from strength to strength over the last five decades, earning the trust and patronage of its clients. It maintains its long-standing ideals and heritage of uncompromising quality, unsurpassed craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service.


BSJS Jewelers, the source of exquisite, handcrafted jewellery, is pleased to welcome you! We have been imparting the beautiful shine of diamond, gold, and Polki-Kundan jewellery to our devoted consumers' lives for the past 75 years.

We continue to be motivated to make timeless jewellery that is a class apart with a clientele ranging throughout India and the world. We have stores in New Delhi that offer exceptional craftsmanship, high-quality standards, and an extensive choice of traditional and contemporary styles. We also provide bespoke and custom jewellery design services in addition to ready-to-wear jewellery.

BSJS Jewellers has carved out a niche among discriminating clientele in India and internationally. Taking these values into the twenty-first century, the company began exporting to the Middle East, including Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.


One of India's most trusted jewellers, BSJS by Bishan Singh Jasbir Singh, has been in business for many decades. Mr. Bishan Singh Chadha, a pioneer and a traditionalist, built the first store in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, in 1933. In India, Bishan Singh Jasbir Singh jewellers opened the first store 14 years ago in Chandni Chowk in Delhi. He spent years methodically honing his abilities and learning from his elders about the profession.



BSJS Jewelers is a stunning fine jewellery house that merges heritage with creative, modern energy. With over 75 years of amusing history, the business is proudly and profoundly steeped in tradition.

We have gained a reputation for creating masterpieces of exceptional beauty and eternal elegance by combining Indian artistry with diamonds, jewellery, and stones.

Taking inspiration from its history, the brand has grown over time to embrace the modern, creating designs that are ingeniously endowed with a great signature-modern look that is distinctively ours.


BSJS Jewellers is a distinctive, magnificent manifestation of art, creativity, exploration, and ingenuity.

Every collection is designed with considerable care, developed with meticulous detail, and embellished with our passion for modern artistry while experimenting with renowned and acclaimed Indian craftsmanship and the breath-taking atmosphere of rare gemstones.


BSJS Jewellers brilliantly displays its ideas through varied high jewellery styles: timeless classic gold jewellery, sleek and exquisite contemporary diamond jewellery, rich Polkis - fusion and traditional, or unique statement accessories.

Each of our collections has been painstakingly picked with our unique flair for high art and exceptional craftsmanship. Our expertise includes diamond solitaires, unusual diamond jewellery, Kundan & Polki, precious stones, and trendy everyday-wear accessories.

BSJS Jewellers has valued legacy, flair, and innovation for over 75 years. Mr. Bishan Singh Chadha, who started BSJS in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, opened the first store. And, now have stores in India and the Middle East as well.